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Demo version Oxidos CMS Oxidos CMS - multilanguage engine

Welcome to the demonstration of the engine Oxidos CMS.

Oxidos CMS - this is primarily a multilanguage engine, which has huge customization and manipulation of content. The engine is designed to create corporate websites , news blogs and websites to sell their scripts , sites with great information context and is also suitable for creating corporate websites . Despite these kinds of sites it has a large number of settings that allow you to use it for virtually any purpose. This engine has no restrictions on the creation of templates for him , so it can be integrated into virtually any existing design .

The key features of the engine Oxidos CMS are:

  • the creation of multilingual content
  • the creation an unlimited number of languages ​​for content
  • the creation categories of unlimited nesting
  • low load on system resources
  • all references to the content are CNC
  • High speed engine

About all the functional features you can read on our page.